Cosmo Brailler and BERT Software Overview

By Karl Belanger

The Cosmo Electronic Brailler and BERT (Braille Education Remote Training) software are produced and sold by Electronic Brailler LLC. The Cosmo is a Braille writer with several electronic functions, including acting as an input keyboard and embosser for the Duxbury Braille Translator, and working in conjunction with the BERT software. BERT is an online tool, also from Electronic Braillerthat allows a teacher to teach up to 15 students simultaneously over the internet. Teachers can have class discussions by the teacher typing into the computer using six-key entry, and the text will be Brailled on the students’ Cosmo. The software also allows the uploading and completion of assignments, which can then be archived for future reference.

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1403 Cosmo eBrailler

1403 Cosmo eBrailler and the BERT Remote Braille Teaching Tool (Jan. 15, 2014) Show Notes
Hosts Nancy Goodman Torpey and Peter Torpey speak with David Pillischer, president of Electronic Brailler LLC and inventor of both the Cosmo eBrailler electronic portable Braille embossing system and BERT, the Braille Education Remote Tool which utilizes Cosmo to enable Braille instruction remotely over the internet either one on one or in a group.