eBrailler Cosmo and BERT

Now as never before a blind student using a Braille device in the classroom can be as quiet as a sighted student writing with a pencil on paper. The non disruptive patent pending eBrailler Cosmo is a classroom-friendly multi function Braille embosser. The eBrailler Cosmo is easy for children and adults to use, economical to run and easily maintained.

For the first time in the history of Braille; Braille can be taught over the internet.
BERT is a revolutionary new tool that enables both the teacher and student to communicate by voice and keyboard in real time during a remote teaching session. Any keys depressed by the student on the BERT Braille keyboard will be immediately recognized by the teacher either on their Braille display or for sighted teachers on their computer screen. BERT enables real time interactive communication between teacher and student, creating a “side by side” mode of working together.


Review of Cosmo Brailler by the National Federation of the Blind:
NFB review of Cosmo Braille embosser and BERT Braille Education Remote Tool


Atlantic Provinces Special Education Assn Assessment Of Remote Teaching using BERT (Braille Education Remote Tool) https://ebrailler.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Cosmo-Trial-Information-APSEA-3.pdf

eBrailler is a Disabled Veteran Owned Company


1. BERT enables remotely located and formerly overlooked segments of students the opportunity to gain access to an education.

2. BERT minimizes fuel and automobile service costs for teachers, students and government agencies.

3. BERT saves government education agencies around the world millions of dollars for itinerant teachers travel time and expenses.

4. BERT enables more time for teachers who specialize in Braille education to spend more time with their students and less time in transit.

5. Students who live in remote areas or in areas where Braille education is not available can now have access to and receive state-of-the-art and up-to-date instruction.

6. BERT’s remote access features alleviates the international shortage of teachers of Braille.

7. Safety for the teaching staff, Potential auto accidents
Traffic delays to and from student locations, Winter road hazard where driving may be postponed or delayed.