Price List

eBrailler Cosmo multi function Braille device:  Includes: A/C Power supply manuals  and a 120 day subscription for BERT (braille education remote tool) $2695.00 US Dollars Plus $75 shipping Continental U.S. orders Only.

Soft Side Carry Case for your Cosmo: $136.00 US

Duxbury Braille Translation Software: $695.00 US Dollars

BERT (Braille Education Remote Tool) is a cloud based remote teaching application (distance learning). It is not necessary to have BERT for your Cosmo Braille device to work in your home or classroom. BERT allows a virtual side by side learning / teaching experience over the internet for both teacher and student.

Bert Student Software:   yearly subscription rate for single user $995.00

Bert Teacher Software:  “free”  We only charge for the student software.

External Battery and Smart Charger for Cosmo: $120.00

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