eBrailler Cosmo

The eBrailler Cosmo is a multi function Braille device which is easy for children and adults to use, quiet, economical, easily maintained, and portable. It can be connected to a computer and used as a quiet Braille Embosser or a Braille input device when using the Duxbury Braille Translator application or can be used individually as a Braille writer.

eBrailler Cosmo Hardware Description

The eBrailler Cosmo keyboard uses keys that have a living hinge similar to a piano‚Äôs keyboard. Because of the innovations in the design of the Keyboard there are no electronic parts or wires in the keyboard itself. The keyboard fits in a depression in the top of the case which protects the Cosmo Brailler’s internal functions but allows the user access to the keyboard and the case under the keyboard. In this way the keyboard can be removed and cleaned by the user. The case of the device can be wiped off if there is a spill or if dirt or other debris accumulates in or under the keyboard. The keyboard itself can be cleaned with soap and water, then dried and replaced in the Cosmo Brailler.
The eBrailler Cosmo can be used as a stand alone Braille typewriter or as a computer input and output Braille device when using the Duxbury Braille Translation application. When there is an assignment or class hand out, the document can be translated to Braille using the Duxbury application. The assignment can then be embossed on paper using the Cosmo emboss function in real time, in the classroom without disturbing the other students.

Duxbury Braille Translation application has over 130 languages available. Cosmo is an internationally used Braille device. Math codes, Braille tables, various Braille translation grades are already available in the Duxbury application.