BERT teacher

eBrailler BERT
“Braille Education Remote Tool”

BERT Teacher Agent

The Bert Teacher Agent screen has typically the Duxbury Braille Translation screen with all of the applications available in the Duxbury program. The screen is customized where the top portion has two lists of students, a list of total students the teacher is responsible for and the second list is a list of the students attending the session in progress. The total student list shows all of the teacher’s students by name and which students are available on line and which students are off line.

Typically an itinerant teacher may have ten students total and most times instruct one or two students at a time. Using a multi select list box, the teacher has the option of where to emboss Braille text, either at the student location or at the teacher location, mute the microphone or speakers, or access a blackboard where lessons can be posted or retrieved for individual students named on her total student list.

New lessons posted on line by the teacher for a particular student can be embossed by the student. When the student completes the homework assignment using his Bert Braille Writer, the assignment will be automatically uploaded to that particular student’s folder in the teacher’s student directory. All students work will be saved until the teacher erases the completed assignment.

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